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I Love Harris Tweed
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I Love Harris Tweed
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Suppliers Information

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Many of our suppliers are local artisan designers from the Hebrides.  Others are based outside the Hebrides but use materials originally from the Hebrides for example, Harris tweed. 


If you are a designer located on the inner or outer Hebrides or if you use Harris Tweed  but located elsewhere you are in our niche market of becoming a seller.


There are a few other simple requirements for selling, as our customers are shopping on-line they can not touch the items they are purchasing therefore it is necessary to have reasonable images.  It's not always  necessary to have professional photography.  I would say the three most important points to think about when you carefully set about taking your digital photographs are:


1. Natural lighting is the best option to reduce shadows.  You may need to wait for a dry day, but too much sun light will cast shadows too.  A dull day will give you the a good natural light.

2. Photos with the whole product on display are essential.

3. A white background or a  setting where customers can see the product in use for example a photograph  to see how the cushions will look on your sofa rather than a plain image on it's own.


Suppliers Questions and Answers


When I make an enquiry will I be obliged to join?  No, there is no obligation to join when you enquire.

Is there a joining fee?  Yes.  We now have recently introduced a small administration fee of £65 for up to 5 items  and 25% commission.  You will find we are at the top of the Google organic search for key words such as "Scottish, Luxury gifts".  The websites not only increases your sales but it is guaranteed to increase the interest in your business from large coropoation and a window to the world.  We have had enquiries from various companies which have lead to large orders for many of our artisans.

Do you need to see photographs when I apply to become a seller?  Yes,  your product images from your website(if you have one) or attach images to an e-mail.


How do I advertise? Simply send a .jpg image which is no bigger than 259 x 194 and small in memory size (less than 50KB)


How much will it cost? 6 months costs £70, 1 year £110

Optional extra:

Information for each supplier will appear in the suppliers section for an additional charge of £10.00 a month which will feature information on other places you sell for example your website address.


If you are interested in becoming a supplier and would like to add some of your products to the website.  We will send you more information on our business and how it will help you to sell your products.  Please contact me email: contact@hebrideanstore.com or fill in the contact form.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.








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