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Harris Tweed Blue Herringbone Range
Harris Tweed Folio Sleeve
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Black and White Herringbone Harris Tweed Gifts
Tweed Purse
I Love Harris Tweed
Scottish Landscapes
I Love Harris Tweed
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Isa designs

Contemporary Hebridean Textiles

Isa Designs is based in the Outer Hebrides on the Isle of Benbecula, Uist. The small island is enriched with history, Gaelic Culture, long sandy beaches and beautiful scenery.

Marion Isa MacPhee is a textile designer whose work is inspired by her Great Auntie's living room. Her work has evolved from a keepsake book full of collages, drawings and photographs of nic-naks, ornaments, décor and furniture. This is where Marion Isa gets inspiration and develops her designs from. Inspiration is also taken from childhood memories and local culture.

The company's name ‘Isa Designs' is from Marion Isa's own name and also a tribute to her Great Auntie Ippy who was called Isabella.



Ippy's Ornament Scarf

Ippy Cashmere Ornament Scarf Cashmere Scarf hand finished in the Outer Hebrides by Isa Designs 135.00 Read More

Patchwork Colourblock Cotton Scarf

Cotton scarf colour patchwork 005 Cotton scarves in various colours made by Isa Designs 65.00 Read More

Patchwork Colourblock Merino Scarf

Merino scarf colour 002 Merino Colour Block Patchwork Scarf made by Isa Designs 95.00 Read More

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