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I Love Harris Tweed
By Rosie

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By Rosie

By Rosie...in the Hebrides... 'By Rosie' produces fun, exciting bags and accessories guaranteed to make you smile. Minimising fabric waste and where possible, recycling. Each piece is an individual, and lovingly handmade by Rosie, from start to finish.

Drawing inspiration from everyday life to adventuring across the globe. Returning from India with a suitcase full of silks, sarees and ribbons, this collection brings together two very contrasting cultures, yet pays homage to the master craftsmen weavers found in both. A celebration of Indias colour and vibrancy alongside the rich textured tweeds.  The results are fantastic. I hope you enjoy.

''Harris Tweed, meet Indian Silk''
-''aye aye'' he winked (they hit it off big time)
And so was the start of a beautiful relationship. A riotous romp of colour and texture, creating 100% unique products, Handmade in the Outer Hebrides


Cute Harris Tweed Sheep Purse

Cute navy and brown Harris tweed sheep purse Harris Tweed Navy and Brown zip purse made by Rosie.. 15.00 Read More

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